Lisa Shalom Words-on-Film: Claire De Lune


Review by Jen Bush

As a poet, Lisa Shalom has taken the spoken word artform and cultivated it with a unique style. Through her poetry classes and workshops, this humanitarian artist also uses her skillful talents in a therapeutic manner, facilitating deeper self-expression for youths and adults.

Part II in the series, Au Claire De La Lune, is a French folk song composed in the 1800’s. It means, by the light of the moon. Ms. Shalom and her angelic voice do a lovely version of the tune. We see a stunning butterfly take an evening flight against the backdrop of a prominent moon. The earth opens along the way and houses spring up from the ground. The butterfly visits the houses along an exhausting journey, eventually succumbing to death and falls into the earth where a rich green leaf emerges in its place. The cycle of life and death is a prominent theme here. Rebirth and renewal ensure that nothing every really leaves this earth for good.

The rendition of the song is simply beautiful. The artistic video quality earned the video a nomination for best stop motion video at the 10th International Stop Motion Festival in Montreal and a selection for a special screening at the industry cocktail. It is a perfect marriage of animation and stop motion techniques set to haunting vocals.  A traditional song in French with a brand new melody and spun into an odd-beat rhythm in a cycle of 9, this version of the song is a tip of the hat to Ms. Shalom’s French-Canadian roots and showcases her exceptional abilities as a rhythmic wordsmith.

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