Book Review: Veronica Moya would love to marry you! 

A Book Review by Jen Bush

There is a rainbow radiating above your head.  The angels are singing a heavenly tune.  You have just accepted a marriage proposal.  Let the wedding planning begin!  You book the $18,000 catering hall.  You hire the $7000 photographer.  You’re still smiling as your bank account has an existential crisis because you’re marrying the love of your life.  Your family is militantly eager to assist in the planning.  The tide turns as your mother adds 3 generations of plumbers to the guest list.  Aunt Eloise will only sit at an all-vegan table.  Your unemployed cousin can barely contain his excitement that the garage band he has been practicing with for 12 years can finally emerge from the garage to be your dedicated wedding band!  Your future in laws will boycott the wedding unless it’s officiated by a priest despite the fact that one of you is Jewish.  To keep peace in the family and to maintain sanity, you decide to elope.  With Veronica Moya’s book to guide you, you can still have a beautiful and memorable wedding without the drama and the stress.

Veronica Moya would love to marry you!  She’s a licensed and experienced wedding officiant, spiritual teacher, and speaker with a thriving metropolis elopement business.  She will even say bueno if you need a bilingual service since she was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and speaks fluent Spanish.  Her business sense began when she was a teenager with her own party entertainment company.  Now her business has expanded and offers services to join couples in holy matrimony without them having to say holy cow to traditional wedding costs.  She wrote this highly informative 6-chapter guide to elopement in New York City.  This book specifically targets elopements and small intimate weddings.  If you want to get married at The Plaza or someplace like that, you’re looking for a different guide.  If you want to get married ON a plaza, this book is for you.  Her officiant experience aside, Ms. Moya definitely practiced what she preached because she herself eloped in New York City.  Speaking from her own experience, she will warmly guide you down the aisle of marriage with limited stress and immense joy.

How to Elope in New York City was a quick and easy read that was chock full of informative and practical advice.  It was written with delightful humor.  The six chapters cover legalities, the ceremony, the venue, vendors, the reception and troubleshooting in regard to weather and timing.  Each chapter thoroughly and thoughtfully encompasses each topic.  A cleverly worded element of the book entitled “Veronica’s I dos and I don’ts” in a text feature box provides the heart of the advice in each chapter.  There are stunning pictures of Ms. Moya’s own elopement.  This book was written specifically for weddings in New York City, but a lot of the advice is pertinent to any wedding large or small.

This book will bring starry eyed couples floating on clouds down to reality.  Ms. Moya emphasizes that what you see in movies and on TV is not what you will experience.    A lot of couples opt to marry at City Hall.  Did you know they only allot each couple about 45 seconds?  It takes a person 45 seconds to get down on one knee to propose!  That’s more like a game show than a nuptial.  Ms. Moya points out that in City Hall you take a number like you’re waiting in line at a deli.  I prefer my marriage without a turkey club.  City Hall sounds pretty impersonal.

If you nix City Hall and swap it for a ceremony atop the Empire State Building, you can forget that tall order.  Weddings are not allowed up there and you will have a security guard escort you down the aisle in the opposite direction!

Some really good advice was when to use professionals and where you can skimp on that a little.  A lot of people will enlist the help of friends to do things like officiate and take photographs.  Ms. Moya makes a good case for why that’s a bad idea.  Friends are emotionally invested in your lives.   With emotions already running so high that day, your friend’s heaving tears of joy could interfere with the spirit of the occasion.  With capturing the images, friends don’t have the trained eye or the impartiality that a professional photographer does.

Probably the best advice in the book was to expect the unexpected, especially with outdoor weddings.  Ms. Moya provides a comprehensive list of venues with pros and cons for each.  In public spaces, anything can happen.  Your wedding crashers will be far from the likes of Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson. 

Ms. Moya not only doles out expert advice but she’s humble too.  She didn’t write her book to hawk her own services.  Of course she mentions her company but she also encourages couples to do internet searches to find an elopement company that aligns with their vision.  She cares about people and wants a happy couple to start off happy right from the ceremony.  When you are ready to put a ring on it, give Ms. Moya a ring if you decide to elope.  She vows to give you a beautiful start to your wedded bliss. 

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