A Good Scary Story

Go It Alone Novella Review by Jen Bush

It’s difficult to review Go It Alone without giving away key aspects of the plot that should remain a surprise for the enjoyment of the reader.  It’s better for the reader to be shocked and not see what’s coming with spoiler alerts from a review.

Sutter Krypton is the main character of the story.  At first glance he appears to be a garden variety sadistic remorseless serial killer.  His capture is top priority for law enforcement.  He’s finally captured after committing a heinous act on a mother and her child, but all is not as it seems.  A shadow of doubt is cast as to whether they got the right man.  I’ll just say, they did, and they didn’t.

By page 6 you’ll be both repulsed and riveted.  This novella goes down roads that are not even paved yet.  There are twists galore all the way through to the end of the story.  Monster Smith’s innovative plot pulls from the genres of horror, slasher flick and sci-fi with the execution of the story remaining in the realm of horror.  

The writing is straightforward, highly descriptive and keeps the story flowing like the blood from Sutter Krypton’s victims.  The characters all have unique names, especially the main character.  There is plenty of tension and anticipation that will keep the readers on the edge of their seats.  You might not want to be alone when you read Go It Alone.  Monster Smith wrote a monster of a novella just in time for Halloween! 


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