Maybe Bonnie Screws Up but the Podcast is a HIT!

Bonnie Screws Up Review by Jen Bush

Seda Anbarci is a filmmaker hailing from Istanbul, Turkey.  Her most recent project which she wrote and directed is a comedic podcast called Bonnie Screws Up.  It’s produced by a company called Aural Stories which produces stories about women for an audience of women.

So far there are 3 episodes of Bonnie Screws Up ranging from 15 minutes to 28 minutes in length.  Bonnie Martinez is an A-list actress on a popular mystery web series.  Her disdain for schmoozing and playing phony Hollywood games gets her in hot water.  She breaks N.D.A.’s and can’t seem to keep from having clumsy run ins with a television executive the likes of which are usually seen on sitcoms.  Her agent keeps sending her on dates with higher ups when she just wants to drink with Duante Smith, a bartender she stalks on social media.

In Episode 1, Bonnie is sent on a date with network executive Wesley Adams.  Despite her protests, she reluctantly goes on the date.  Adams lays the sleaze on thick which makes Bonnie squirm.  She asserts herself and the date ends disastrously.  Her agent Leslie who also produces the show she is the lead on, Special Cases is less than pleased.  She insists that Bonnie makes it right with Wesley Adams.  The fate of the web series depends on it.

In Episode 2, Bonnie is dealing with the aftermath of the Adams debacle while simultaneously having a meltdown over the fact that she broke her N.D.A. yet again.  We meet Bonnie’s co-star Madison who will stop at nothing to climb the ladder of fame no matter who she has to step on first. 

In Episode 3, Bonnie tries to make it right with Wesley Adams but she makes it oh so wrong.  She finally gets to interact with her martini making crush and his weird fanboy friend. 

Bonnie Screws Up is a humorous series that pokes fun at the shenanigans that go on behind the scenes in Hollywood.  From sleazy executives to backstabbing co-stars and a preposterous premise for a web series, Bonnie Screws Up takes us on a fun romp through the eyes of a fed-up actress.  The really refreshing thing about this series is that it’s giving proper representation to underrepresented groups of people.  How many A-list Hollywood leading ladies are Latina?  Not enough!  Bonnie Martinez is and she is ideally portrayed by Clara Navarro with a lovely Spanish accent.

Seda Anbarci wrote a cohesive narrative that flows well and is filled with good humor.  It had a soap opera/sitcom vibe to it.  Clara Navarro shines as the frustrated Bonnie who does not suffer fools gladly and wants a hot bartender to tend to her longing heart.  The whole cast brought these stereotypical Hollywood caricatures to life in a lively manner.  Bonnie Screws Up gets a big thumbs up.


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